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Tourism in Nirmal

Nirmal is a historical town and yet so rich in arts and crafts. Nirmal fort relates the history of 'Maharajas' who ruled the region while the indigenous colourful artifacts and craft items show how progressive, patient, positive and artistic people of Nirmal are really! They have been practicing these traditional art forms for decades now. In fact, many generations in one family has been related to a particular art and still honing their skills! Incredible indeed!

Waterfalls in Nirmal

Tourist Places in Nirmal

Nirmal in Telangana has a variety of tourist places to choose from! If you would like to start from historical places, you have Nirmal fort to welcome you; If you like to first refresh in silvery waterfalls of Nirmal, well, there are too many of them! Do not miss out on pilgrimage places in Nirmal.

Do take out your time to visit Kuntala waterfalls, Pochera waterfalls, Nirmal Forts (Batthisgarh, Khillagutta, Shyaamgarh, etc.), Sarad Mahel, Mini Tankbund, Rathaala Gudi, Sofi Nagar Darga, Sirichelime and Soan (Suvarnapuri). 

Tips for Tourists Visiting Nirmal

Take out one full day when you visit Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls. It will be better if you visit these spots after rainy season or during winters. During this season, the waterfall is at its best! There are many hotels in Nirmal where you can have a comfortable stay. Private taxi service or cabs can be hired form Forest office.

Nirmal Crafts

Do take out time to enjoy the arts and crafts of Nirmal. You can take a few items for your family and friends back home and gift them wooden Nirmal toys and colourful Nirmal paintings! The Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, the Qutubshahis and Nizams have all contributed a lot to the growth of art and culture in Nirmal.

Pilgrimage Centres in Nirmal

Tourist Places in Nirmal

Basara Saraswathi Temple, Nandigundam Durgamatha Temple, Gandi Ramanna Temple, Balaji temple or Devarakota Temple, Omkareshwar Mandir, Ayyappa Temple, Nagareshwara Temple, Sri Veeranjaneya Temple, Kalabhairava Temple, Murali Krishna Mandir, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Gajulpet Church, Jungle Hanuman-Bangalpet, Sai Baba Temple - Gandiramanna and Shiavalayam -Venkatadripet are famous pilgrimage centers in Nirmal.

Basara Saraswathi Temple is a unique temple in Nirmal. There are only two temples dedicated to this goddess in India. The other one is in Kashmir. This temple is 60 kms. from Nirmal.

Religious Places in Nirmal

Jainath Temple, Gudem Satyanaraya, Adelli Pochamma Temple, Boorgupally Shivalayam, Kalwa Narsimha Swamy Temple, Kadile Papahareshwara Temple, Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple in Narsapur, Mallanna Temple in Malak Chincholi, Madhapur Church-Near Soan are other spiritual places you can visit in Nirmal.

Important Phone Numbers for Tourists

  • Adilabad Tourism Officer - Ravi Kumar Mobile: 9440816087
  • Kuntala Waterfalls Guide - Somanna Mobile: 9441078662
  • Kawal Wild Life-Office Phone: 08739-246224
  • Kawal Range Officer Mobile: 7382600599

Waterfalls in Nirmal

Kuntala Waterfall

Waterfalls in Nirmal

This is the highest waterfall of in Telangana. It is about 32 kms. from Nirmal and 12 kms. from NerediKonda village. The waterfalls is located amidst dense and green forests and the Sahayadri mountain range.  The waterfalls has been named after Shakuntala, the wife of King Dushyanta. Locals believe that Shakuntala used to bathe by this waterfall. The pleasant breeze and splashing and gushing water will reveal the power nature holds to behold you and mesmerize you! River Kanda gets filled with water during monsoons and so the best time to come here is just after monsoons when the waterfall is at its best!

Very near to Kuntala waterfall is a temple of Lord Someshwara Swami where devotees visit for offering prayers. You have to pass through a passage between two hills to reach this temple. The temple is decorated during Maha Shivrathri when festivity is in the air!

Kortikal Waterfall

Kortikal waterfall is located in Bandam Regadi and Kortikal villages. It is on the way to Kuntala waterfalls and you can stop by for watching the scintillating waterfall.
  • Distance from Hyderabad to Nirmal: 210 kms. (4 hrs.)
  • Distance from Kortikal to Nirmal: 15 kms. (15 minutes)
Once you reach Nirmal, you must be prepared for travelling a 10 kms. stretch of ghat road. Well, if your are adventurous by nature, you will love it! Kuntala waterfalls lies hidden from external world amidst forests, valleys and 408 steps which take you down to the waterfalls. Best time to visit here is from July to October when the river is full with water.
  • Distance from Hyderabad to Kuntala Waterfall: 240 kms.
  • Distance from Hyderbad to Nirmal: 210 kms.(5 hrs.)
  • Distance from Neredigonda village to Nirmal: 30 kms. (45 minutes)
  • Distance from Neredigonda to Kuntala Waterfalls: 12 to 15 kms. (30 minutes).
  • Distance from Nirmal: 32 kms.

Pochera Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Nirmal

The Pochera waterfalls is located amidst dense forests. However, once you reach there, you will be absolutely rejuvenated. It is quite near to Kuntala waterfalls. Well, this waterfall is the deepest in Telangana state! Visitors must be very careful while taking a dip here. The waterfalls is located amidst dense forests and looks secluded. It is 20 metres high and falls with great force splashing silvery water which looks beautiful and magical!
  • Distance of Pochera Waterfall from Nirmal: 37 kms.

Gayatri Waterfalls

Places to visit in Nirmal
(Source: teleganatourism.gov.in)

Gayatri waterfalls is referred to as Mukdi Gundam by villagers. It is near Maanku village and it is wonderful to meet people belonging to Gond tribe on the way! They can help you reach the waterfall. Best time to visit the waterfalls is from October-December, just after rains.
  • Distance from Hyderabad to Nirmal: 210 kms (4 hrs)
  • Distance from Nirmal to Mokhram: 36 kms (40 mins)
  • Distance from Mokhram to Gayatri waterfall: 5 kms (2-3 hrs if you go walking)

Kadam Project

Nirmal Tourism

Kadem project is a major project across river Kadam which is  a tributary of river Godavari. Peddur village is nearby which comes under Kaddam Mandal in Adilabad district of Telangana state. The Kadam Project was completed in 1964. Other dams in Nirmal are Kadem, Sadamett, Satnala and Swarna dam.
  • Distance from Hyderabad to Nirmal: 210 kms.
  • Distance from Nirmal to Kadam: 50 kms. (1 hr.)

Wild Life Sanctuaries in Nirmal

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

It is a famous wildlife sanctuary in Telangana state. Animals of various species have found a natural habitat here along with flora and medicinal plants too. Cheetal, crocodile, cobra, tortoise, bison, sloth bear, python etc. can be seen in this sanctuary. Jeep safaris enable visitors to go around the sanctuary comfortably.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in natural vegetation with plants and trees of diverse species found here. It is a natural habitat for animals such as tigers, langurs, sloth bear, leapords, hyneas, wild dogs, forest cat etc. Best time to visit Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary is between October to march.
Pranahita is a tributary of river Godavari and flows through this wildlife sanctuary. The Pranahita forest cover all around is a dry deciduous type of forest. The hills, small plateaus, rock formations, grass lands etc. give this place an extraordinary touch. Siddhapur Vaagu is another picnic spot in Nirmal.

Nirmal Fort or Shamgarh Fort

Tourist Attractions in Nirmal

Nirmal town has Nirmal fort as its primary land mark! Yes, your visit to Nirmal is incomplete without a visit to this fort. The Nirmal fort relates the glorious past of Nirmal town which was ruled by varios dynasties from time to time. Kakatiyas, Chalukyas, The Qutubshahis and Nizams -  all had their positive impact on the art and culture of this place.

The Nirmal fort was built by the French who established a strong presence here by constructing this fort. The Nirmal fort is also referred to as Shamgarh fort. The fort is marked by a distinct architecture and is located on a hillock!  The tourist department has provided cafeteria, drinking water facility, clean pathway etc. for the comfort of tourists who visit the fort. Also, Battisgarh comprising of 170 steps and which leads you to the fort has been renovated. Also, restoration work was carried out on the tank near the fort along with old cannons.

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